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  List of Comittee 2009
22 May 2009 

1.    Viraj Andrew Bunang
Viraj has design backgrounds in Environmental Architecture and Industrial design. He has been involved with CG computer imaging and animation since 1993. He started working in the video games industry doing concept design visualization and cut scene cinematic animation. Viraj later moved to work with Digital Domain and has been credited on productions such as The Day After Tomorrow and Stealth. Viraj moved to Thailand in 2005 and established B-Digital Studios and B-Digital School. He has since trained over 200 students and has always been trying to push for advances in CG training in Thailand. He was interviewed by Wallpaper Magazine, Digital Livng Magazine, iTV and Thai Channel 5.

2.    Juck Somsaman
Over 16 years of experience working on high-end feature film visual effects, Juck Somsaman is a former Hollywood VFX veteran who worked with Rhythm and Hues, USA since 1991. His feature film credits spans over 20 VFX movies. In 2006, Juck returned to his hometown, Bangkok, bringing world-class animation and VFX technology to Thailand, founding “The Monk Studio” to produce high quality work with highly skilled artists and technicians.

3.    Mr Pitipong Netkaew
Pitipong is a graduate in Communication Design from Silapakorn University. Pitipong has worked as an animator with Kantana Animation and Fame Post Production. Pitipong is also a part time lecture and advisor with Silapakorn University and Chulalongkorn University Pitiponh has been invited as a guest speaker for various events and seminars such as CG Talk No. 9 (CG FOR TV Commercials) and academic seminar for AIS executives (How to think out of the box). Pitipong founded the Digital Magic Group in 2002 (Artifex Design and effects Co., Ltd, Digital Magic effect House Co., Ltd and Sweet Eyes Co., Ltd). It has produced commercials for Oishi Green Tea, Glico and King Power and is responsible for the special effect of Thai movies such as Suriyothai and Ocean Butterfly.

4.    Pana Hararak
Pana is a graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Mass Communication majoring in Journalism. He is an editorial staff at FUSE Magazine and is a representative from Fuse Magazine. Fuse Magazine is a local short film and animation magazine, distributed monthly all over Thailand.


5.    Artakorn Intakorn

Artakorn graduated in Multimedia and Design in Australia in 2006. With a great passion in computer graphics and a desire to contribute and improve the graphic and design industry in Thailand, Artakorn returned to Thailand and started the only computer graphic magazine in Thailand, Computer Graphic Plus Magazine. He has led his team to organize various computer graphic events to discover more talents in Thailand.  He has been invited as a guest speaker and guest judge in the Phuket Animation Festival 2007 and 2008 respectively. Artakorn is also a part time lecturer in Silapakorn University and has been interviewed by The Daily News and Thairath Newspaper.

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